Discordian Teleport Spell

Step 1 - Go into a building and get to at least the 2nd story.

Step 2 - Find a window that faces outside.

Step 3 - Jump through the window.
(make sure it's closed first so you crash through the glass)

Step 4 - Scream as loud as you can before you hit the ground.

Step 5 - Land on your head, so you get knocked unconscious.

If you do these steps correctly, you'll magically wake up in a hospital bed in a random hospital in your area. But beware - the lords of the teleport realm always ask for payment. You will probably wake up all bandaged and bruised. Since people can't see magix happening they'll rationalize that they saw you leave in an ambulance. But you know the truth - you have teleported!

Note - the nature of this magix twix is VERY POWERFUL and sometimes the lords of the teleport realm will take your life as payment. Please use this spell wisely. Neither I nor the Discordian Society assumes any liability for damages incurred with the use of this spell.